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Artin L Functions DVI 55K
L functions of elliptic curves and modular forms DVI 75K
Algebraic Numbers (Course notes) PDF -
Algebraic Structures 2 (Course notes) PDF -
F-isocrystals (lecture notes) PDF
Elliptic curves and modular forms (Notes for first two lectures) PDF -
Elliptic curves and modular forms (Lecture 3 and onwards) PDF -
Algebraic Geometry (2010) PDF -
Algebraic Geometry Exam (2010) PDF -
Talk at the Asian Science Camp (August 2012) PDF -
Representation theory and L functions for U(2,1) (2014) PDF -
Perfectoid Spaces and Galois Representations (2015) PDF -
Loxton - van der Poorten conjecture (2017) PDF -
p-adic Properties of Eigenvalues of Frobenius (2018) PDF -

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