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ACM Digital Library

ACM = Association for Computing Machinery

חיפוש במאגר - הדרכה    Adobe PDF

The ACM Digital library (MALMAD/JMC sub.) intergrates two bibliographic databases: Please note that when searching, you may have to toggle the results between the ACM Full-Text Collection only and the entire ACM Guide to Computing Literature.
Each form of search will produce very different results.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  -  institutional profile page

Note:    These resources are available by subscription to the Hebrew University staff and students only.
More information on user authentification through the HUJI network is available at the The authority for computation, communication and information (HUCA) web site.
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ACM content in ACM Digital Library

ACM Search can be limited to content published by ACM: Full text collection of every article published by ACM, including over 50 years of archives.

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Last updated: Oct. 25th, 2017