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הדרכה: קטלוג האוניברסיטה והקטלוגים המאוחדים בארץ : חיפוש מאמר מכתב עת
מתוך: קורס הכרת משאבי הספרייה  /  ספריית הרמן למדעי הטבע

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This is a guide to finding information on mathematics and computer science.    It covers the HUJI Math and Computer Science Library, and also provides information on how to begin searching elsewhere, should you need to.
Contact us: The librarians are available at the information desk.
by phone (02-6584500)
by email (jmclib @
and through facebook הספרייה למתמטיקה ומדעי המחשב facebook.

Step 1 :    Search the HUfind catalog for "Articles & More"

This discovery tool allows a combined search of the HUfind Library Catalog (books, theses...) and Articles & More (databases)
Step 2 :    Search for articles in the databases from the Databases page.    Click on the FindIt @ HUJI (SFX) button/link HUJI SFX when available.
Why search a specific database?

Can't I find everything in Google?
No. Not if you want the most recent and up-to-date results or rank search results by relevance. Google ranks by popularity and is not up-to-date.

Note the differences between the databases.

Mathematics (1940-   )
The MathSciNet      Adobe PDF חיפוש במאגר - הדרכה

Mathematics (Historical):
For additional resources see: Electronic Resources → Databases

Book collections in math:
A distributed digital library of mathematical monographsSearch
A collaborative project of the University of Michigan Library, Cornell University Library, and the State and University Library Göttingen.
The Göttinger Digitalisierung Zentrum (Click on Mathematica) also has articles. (see also: emani)

Article archives in Mathematics, try (for additional resources see: Electronic Databases):
DML: Digital Mathematics Library

Bibiliographic info and abstracts (database of articles in mathematics):
zbMath (Zentralblatt) Math (goes back to 1868)

Computer Science, Engineering and Physics
ACM Digital Library      Adobe PDF חיפוש במאגר - הדרכה      More information More information
includes ACM Guide to Computing Literature

General & Citation Index
Web of science      Adobe PDF חיפוש במאגר - הדרכה
only for articles after 1984.

מאמרים בעברית
Index to Hebrew Periodicals (IHP)      מפתח חיפה למאמרים בעברית

Dissertation and theses / Proquest
1861- ; Most dissertations after 1997 are available in digital format (PDF)

Most publishers have search engines for their publications

Step 3 :    Check the HUfind Library catalog if you have access to the bibliographic items you need

Step 4 :    Searching for Periodicals in Other Libraries

Not all of the periodicals indexed will have access or be held in the Math & Computer Science Library. If we don't have online access or a print version in our library and you wish to find out which library does have it, there are a number of locating tools you can check.

Step 5 (if steps 1-4 failed) :    Document Delivery Services    (Interlibrary loan)

Ask at the Information Desk for further information.

Guides to citing articles (including Internet sources):

The MLA Style center  /  Authorized by the Modern Language Association of America

Citing Your Sources (citation styles, style guides, and avoiding plagiarism):      Examples & General Rules for MLA, APA, & Chicago & Turabian Styles  /  University of California, Berkeley - library

Reference management software: EndNote
EndNote Web  /  Thomson Reuters.      Adobe PDF הדרכה
EndNote is used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles.

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