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Library services & staff   phone   שירותי הספריה

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Library Administration Library Administrator Phone: 02-65-84820
Fax: 02-6586569
Naavah Levin jmclib at ראש צוות הספריה

Service Information Phone Contact email תפקיד
Acquisition FAQ 02-65-84820 Naavah Levin
Cataloging Library catalog
Classification system
02-65-84500 Naavah Levin
Periodicals Current serials 02-65-86810 Nathalie Cohen
כתבי עת
Electronic Resources Electronic journals
02-65-84500 Naavah Levin
כתבי עת אלקטרוניים
Circulation Desk Circulation guide 02-65-84379 David Hamnahem jmc_circ at השאלה
Reference & Internet help desk Searching & accessing articles 02-65-84500 Naavah Levin
יעץ ואתר הספריה
Interlibrary loan Harman → Interlibrary loan 02-65-85623 Harman Science Library jslill at השאלה בין ספריתית
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Binding preparation and book repair, Collecting exams, Lost and found, Library organization, Personnel and finance, Website design, Library interior design, Maintenance, Gardening ...

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