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New Books and Acquisition      ספרים חדשים ורכישה

FAQ    New books - FAQ    שאלות נפוצות

Acquisition, tel.65-84820, Cataloging, tel.65-84500

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    New Book Display
  1. Where is the new book display?

  2. Can I borrow books from the display?

  3. Can I order books from the display?

    New Book Lists

  4. How to see the New Book Lists?

  5. How can I subscribe to the New Book lists?

    Ordering books

  6. What book series does the library subscribe to?

  7. How to recommend a new book for library acquisition?

    Checking on ordered books

  8. How to check the status of a specific ordered book?

  9. How to view a list of books, by order status?

  10. How to check the status of a staff member's ordered book or see their recommended standing orders?

    Electronic books

  11. Can I order the book in electronic format?

  12. How can I find the ebooks?

    More tips on finding and using ebooks : eBooks and Digital book collections in Mathematics

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