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The "dark side" of open access publishing:
Parallel world of pseudo-academia, complete with prestigiously titled conferences and journals that sponsor them. Many of the journals and meetings have names that are nearly identical to those of established, well-known publications and events. ... online journals that will print seemingly anything for a fee. -- Scientific Articles Accepted (Personal Checks, Too), New York Times, April 7th, 2013.

It is recommended to publish only with a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA).

Guides to citing articles (including Internet sources)      See: Searching and Accessing Articles: Library's tutorial → Guides to citing articles (including Internet sources)

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Vendor Sites & services
Vendors Services
Dawson Books
GOBI    Formerly YBP Library Services   /   EBSCO    GOBI3 (Global Online Bibliographic Information).
East View information services    (acquired Kubon)
EBSCO Information Services EBSCOnet
Harrassowitz Fokus (formerly OttoSerials)
infomayda    (Israel)
KargerLibri Subscription Agency LibriAccess
KNV : Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH
ProBook    (Israel)
Rupprecht    (Formerly: Hueber)
Teldan    (Israel)
Ziur information systems    (Israel)

Vendor news:

  • Aug. 2017    Kubon & Sagner    declared bankrupt
  • Feb. 2015    YBP acquired by EBSCO
  • Sept. 2014    Swets Information Services declared bankrupt
  • April 2013    Blackwell (UK) closed its Library Services division. Sold to Dawson Books
  • Aug. 2012    ComBooks acquired by ProBook
  • Dec. 2009    Baker & Taylor, Inc. had acquired Blackwell North America.    See: YBP
Sources for purchasing ebooks
Publishers (HUJI agreements)
  • Cambridge University Press    from list
  • de Gruyter & Harvard University Press    through MendeleBook or Delbanco
  • Elsevier
  • Oxford University Press    through ProBook
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks    (includes CRC Press)    through MendeleBook
  • Wiley (not textbooks)    (includes IEEE).    More information: IEEE
  • Sage
  • World Scientific    through MendeleBook


  • IEEE (package only)
  • Pearson
  • Wiley textbooks
  • Springer (packages only)

Web resources
Online course sites
  • Coursera : Free online courses from top universities and organizations in the world, including the Hebrew Unversity of Jerusalem
  • EdX : Courses from the world's best universities
  • Khan Academy : Offer thousands of bite-sized free instructional videos on YouTube and covering everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, chemistry, physics, history, art and finance. Khan Academy also offers infinite problems for practice (currently in Math).

Guides to web resources
  • SciCentral / Gateway to scientific research news sources

Various sites for information

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