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The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

Conferences and schools

Year Conference Held Organizers
2009-2010 New3 The 28th Israel Symposium on Computational Mechanics (ISCM-28) / IACMM - Israel Association for Computational Methods in Mechanics Thursday, April 29, 2010 Matania Ben-Artzi, Michel Bercovier and Leo Joskowicz
Global Analysis and Automorphic Forms      [Poster] March 14-19, 2010 Werner Hoffmann (Bielefeld) ; Erez Lapid (HUJI) ; Peter Sarnak (Princeton) ; Birgit Speh (Cornell)
2008-2009 Minerva School on P-adic Methods in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry March 29 - April 7, 2009 E. de Shalit (Jerusalem) ; P. Schneider (Münster)
2007-2008 Symposium on Geometry of Banach spaces
in memory of Prof. Lior Tzafriri
May 27-28, 2008 A. Szankowski (Jerusalem)
The 12th Midrasha Mathematicae
Higher Teichmüller theory, clusters, and quantization
May 11-19, 2008 General Director: Peter Sarnak (Princeton University) ; Co-Directors: Alexander B. Goncharov (Brown University) ; David Kazhdan (Hebrew University)
2006-2007 Conference on Partial Differential Equations and Spectral Theory January 28 - February 2, 2007 Y. Kannai, Y.Last, M. Marcus, Y. Pinchover, and U. Smilansky
2004-2005 Contemporary Ramifications of Banach Space Theory
partially supported by Landau Center
June 19th-24th, 2005 A. Szankowski (Jerusalem) and M. Zippin (Jerusalem)
Anniversary Symposium of the Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

April 3rd-9th, 2005 Willi Jäger (Heidelberg), Hermann König (Kiel), Ehud De-Shalit (Jerusalem), Yuri Kifer (Jerusalem)
2002-2003 Banach Spaces and Convex Geometric Analysis

Program: kiel-conference_03.doc

April 6-12, 2003, University of Kiel H. König (Kiel), J. Lindenstrauss (Jerusalem)
2000-2001 Summer School in Rigorous Results on Stochastic Models from Physics

Program: rigorous-results-01.doc

July 30 - August 3, 2001 H. Furstenberg, Y. Kifer, Y. Peres, B. Weiss (Jerusalem)
1999-2000 International Workshop on Quantum Spectra and Dynamics

Program: qsd_workshop-00.doc

28-30 June, 2000, Technion, Haifa
1-5 July, 2000, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
J. Avron (Technion), M. Aizenman (Princeton), Y. Last (Jerusalem)
1998-1999 Workshop on Riemann Surface Theory

Program: Riemann-99.doc

May 31 - June 2, 1999 H. Farkas (Jerusalem)
German-Israel Workshop on Spectral Analysis and Scattering theory May 8-14, 1999 M. Ben-Artzi (Jerusalem), M. Demuth (Clausthal)
1997-1998 Midrasha Mathematicae on Groups and Probability March 15-20, 1998 A. Shalev (Jerusalem)
German-Israel Workshop on p-adic Aspects of the Theory of Automorphic Representations Feb. 15-20, 1998 J. Rogawsky, E. de Shalit (Jerusalem), P. Schneider (Münster)
Conference on Exponential Sums Jan. 11-5, 1998 R. Livne (Jerusalem), S.J. Patterson (Göttingen), P. Sarnak (Princeton)
1996-1997 German-Israel Workshop on Dynamics, Dimension and Stochastics May 21-27, 1997 M. Denker (Göttingen), Y. Kifer, Y. Peres (Jerusalem)
1995-1996 Workshop on Complex Function Theory
Ashkelon, Israel

Proceedings of the Ashkelon Workshop on Complex Function Theory (May 1996) / Lawrence Zalcman, editor. Israel mathematical conference proceedings ; v.11 Bar-Ilan University, 1997

May 13-16, 1996 H. Farkas (Jerusalem), B. Pinchuk, L. Zalcman (Bar-Ilan)
German-Israeli Workshop on Regulators in Analysis, Geometry and Number Theory

Report: [ps] [pdf]

Regulators in analysis, geometry, and number theory / Alexander Reznikov, Norbert Schappacher, editors. Progress in mathematics ; v.171. Birkhäuser, c2000

March 12-19, 1996 A. Resnikov (Jerusalem), N. Schappacher (Darmstadt)
German-Israeli Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics Dec. 4-12, 1995 S. Agmon, M. Ben-Artzi (Jerusalem), M. Demuth (Clausthal), B.-W. Schulze (Potsdam), W. Jaeger (Heidelberg).
1994-1995 German-Russian-Israeli Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Statistical Mechanics
[ps] [pdf]
May 17-23, 1995 H. Furstenberg, Y. Kifer B. Weiss (Jerusalem), H. Spohn (Munich), Ya. G. Sinai (pdf file) (Princeton)
Two day symposium March 23-24, 1995 E. de Shalit (Jerusalem)
1993-1994 German-Israel Workshop on Stochastic Dynamics March 6-11, 1994 Y. Kifer (Jerusalem), H. Föllmer (Berlin)
Spring School in Fluid Dynamics Feb. 15-24, 1994 M. Ben-Artzi (Jerusalem)
Symposium on Complex Analysis [ps] [pdf] Nov. 10, 1993 H. Farkas (Jerusalem)
1992-1993 Combinatorics Workshop May 9-17, 1993 G. Kalai (Jerusalem)
Workshop on Topology and Analysis March 19-26, 1993 E. Farjoun (Jerusalem), A. Dold (Heidelberg)
1991-1992 German-Israel Workshop on Dynamical Systems January 5-10, 1992 H. Furstenberg, Y. Kifer, B. Weiss (Jerusalem)
1990-1991 Workshop on Banach space theory June 1991
Conference on Set theory over reals:
Winter Institute held at Bar-Ilan University

Set theory of the reals / Haim Judah, editor. Israel mathematical conference proceedings ; v.6. Bar-Ilan University, ©1993

Jan. 1991 Haim Judah (Bar-Ilan)
Workshop on Algebraic Geometry - Connections with Topology and Number Theory [ps] [pdf] Nov. 26-29, 1990
1989-1990 Conference and workshop on Partial Differential Equations in honor of Prof. S. Agmon June 1990 M. Ben-Artzi, E. Shamir (Jerusalem)
German-Israel Workshop on Geometry - Combinatorial and Computational Aspects April 25-27, 1990 G. Kalai (Jerusalem)
1988-1989 Workshop on Spectral and Scattering Theory of Differential Equations April 3-12, 1989 M. Ben-Artzi, E. Shamir (Jerusalem)
Inaugural Symposium [ps] [pdf] Feb. 28-March 2, 1989
Symposium on Partial Differential Equations Feb. 26, 1989 M. Ben-Artzi (Jerusalem)
Symposium in Geometry and Complex Analysis Feb. 26th, 1989 H. Farkas, E. de Shalit (Jerusalem)

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