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Workshop on Complex Function Theory

Dates: May 13--16, 1996

Place: Ashkelon, Israel

A workshop in Complex function theory was sponsored jointly by the Landau Center and the E. Noether center at Bar-Ilan University.

This was the first time the Landau Center attempted to initiate such a cooperative venture and it worked out quite well.

The workshop was held in Ashkelon, a seaside resort, and was attended by 30 mathematicians whose primary research interest centered around topics in complex function theory.

Some of our German colleagues canceled at the last minute for personal reasons; however, the workshop was in the opinion of the organizers, H. Farkas, B. Pinchuk and L. Zalcman, very successful.

The lectures covered a wide spectrum of complex function theory including complex dynamics, harmonic analysis, geometric function theory, and applications of number theory.

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