Midrasha Mathematicae on
Groups and Probablity

Dates: March 15-20, 1998.

Place: Institute for Advanced Studies, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem.

Sponsors: Yad Hanadiv (main sponsor) ; The Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University ; The Amitsur Fund ; The Center for Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science ; The Landau Center.

Organizer: Prof. Aner Shalev.

Topics: The workshop was of an interdisciplinary nature, facilitating successful interaction between experts in group theory, probability, combinatorics and computer science, where groups of Lie type served as a unifying Leitmotiv.

Specific topics addressed include:

Main Speakers and Lecture Series: There were four main speakers, each giving a lecture series consisting of 2-4 50 minute talks, as follows:

Other speakers: There were 23 other speakers, each giving a 40 minute talk, as follows: C. Altseimer, R. Beals, R. Brooks, J. Fulman, D. Gluck, M. Jarden, G. Kalai, C. Leedham-Green, N. Linial, A. Lubotzky, A. Mann, P.M. Neumann, A. Niemeyer, E. O'Brien, P. Palfy, C.E. Praeger, L. Pyber, Y. Roichman, E. Schmutz, Y. Segev, A. Seress, S. Shelah, A. Wigderson.

Other participants: There were about 45 registered participants from different countries (USA, England, Hungary, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Israel). In some of the talks attendance was much higher, as various additional local people (students and stuff) turned up.

Social events included: Daily lunch at Beit-Belgia, Reception (Sunday evening), Conference dinner at Laguta restaurant (Thursday evening), Excursion in the Old City (Friday afternoon).

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