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The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

Anniversary Symposium

of the Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

Jerusalem     April 4--8, 2005

Program General information Abstracts

Sunday, April 3rd

Monday, April 4th
9:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:30 Greetings
10:30-11:10 Coffee
11:10-12:00 Heinrich Wefelscheid (Duisburg University) A survey of the highlights of Landau's work
12:10-13:00 Shaul Katz (Hebrew University): From Göttingen to Jerusalem and back: Edmund Landau, the Berlin Tradition of reine mathematik and the establishment of The Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:20 Gerhard Dziuk (Freiburg University) Numerical analysis for transient geometric PDEs
15:20-15:40 Coffee
15:40-16:30 Matania Ben-Artzi (Hebrew University) Nonlinear parabolic equations: From Hamilton-Jacobi to Navier-Stokes
16:30-18:00 Welcome party

Tuesday, April 5th
10:00-10:50 Bertold Fiedler (Free University, Berlin)
10:50-11:10 Coffee
11:10-12:00 Manfred Denker (Göttingen University) Laws of Probability and Their Counterparts in Dynamics
12:10-13:00 Jean-Dominique Deuschel (Technical University, Berlin) On estimating the derivatives of symmetric diffusions in stationary random environment, with applications to ∇φ interface model (joint work with T. Delmotte, Toulouse)
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:20 Benjamin Weiss (Hebrew University) A new characterization of the Shannon entropy
15:20-15:40 Coffee
15:40-16:30 Gil Kalai (Hebrew University) Isoperimetry, noise sensitivity and Fourier Analysis of Boolean functions

Wednesday, April 6th
10:00-10:50 Barry Simon (Caltech) The lost proof of Loewner's Theorem
10:50-11:10 Coffee
11:10-12:00 Dietmar Salamon (ETH, Zürich) Pseudoholomorphic curves in symplectic topology
12:10-13:00 Ruth Lawrence-Naimark (Hebrew University) Formal differential geometry on graph algebras
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:20 Werner Ballmann (Bonn University) Geometry and fundamental group
15:20-15:40 Coffee
15:40-16:30 David Kazhdan (Hebrew University) Integration over valued fields
19:30-22:00 Dinner

Thursday, April 7th
10:00-10:50 Fritz Grunewald (Düsseldorf University) Cohomology of the Bianchi groups
10:50-11:10 Coffee
11:10-12:00 Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew University) Finite Groups and Hyperbolic Manifolds
12:10-13:00 Peter Schneider (Münster University) The structure of p-adic distribution algebras
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:20 Hershel Farkas (Hebrew University) The Theta Function in Complex Analysis and Number Theory
15:20-16:00 Coffee
16:00-17:00 Matthias Kreck (Heidelberg University) Colloquium: What is typical: symmetric or asymmetric manifolds?

Friday, April 8th
10:00-10:50 Martin Groetschel (Technical University, Berlin) Transportation and Integer Programming
10:50-11:10 Coffee
11:10-12:00 Vitali Milman (Tel-Aviv University) Applications to Convex Geometry of the Chernoff probabilistic bound (joint works with S. Artstein and O. Friedland)
12:10-13:00 Friedrich Hirzebruch (MPI, Bonn) Some aspects of Schubert calculus
13:00-14:30 Lunch

Saturday, April 9th
Excursion to the area of the Beit Govrin National Park and the stalactite cave at the Avshalom reserve.

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