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German-Israel Workshop on

p-adic Aspects of the Theory of Automorphic Representations

Date: February 15-20, 1998

Sponsored by:

Organizing Committee: E. DeShalit (Jerusalem), J. Rogawski (Jerusalem), P. Schneider (Münster)

Place: Hebrew University


To explore relations between the p-adic and representation-theoretic approaches to the theory of automorphic forms, including p-adic L-functions and forms, p-adic deformations of modular forms, p-adic uniformization and rigid analytic modular forms, p-adic aspects of the Langlands program

There will be two short series of of lectures (3 lectures each):

Professor Haruzo Hida (UCLA) will speak on the topic:
Adjoint Selmer groups and their p-adic L-functions.

P. Schneider (Münster) and J. Teitelbaum (U. Illinois) will speak on the topic:
p-adic Boundary Values.

In addition, the following have tentatively agreed to participate:

V. Berkovich (Rehovot)
A. Besser (Bonn)
D. Blasius (Los Angeles)
S. Boecherer (Mannheim)
K. Buecker (Durham)
T. Finis (Los Angeles)
D. Ginzburg (Tel Aviv)
E. Grosse Kloenne (Muenster)
P. Guerzhoy (Haifa)
F. Grunewald (Duesseldorf)
G. Harder (Bonn)
A. Iovita (Montreal)
D. Jiang (New Haven)
S. Kudla (Maryland)
E. Lapid (Rehovot)
R. Livne (Jerusalem)
J. Mahnkopf (Paris)
D. Mauger (Paris)
A. Mori (Torino)
A. Panchiskin (Grenoble)
I. I. Piatetski-Shapiro (New Haven)
F. Shahidi (Purdue)
G. Stevens (Boston)
U. Stuhler (Goettingen)
L. Terracini (Torino)
J. Tilouine (Paris)
E. Urban (Paris)


V. Berkovitch: Smooth p-adic analytic spaces are locally contractible

A. Besser: Syntomic regulators for $K_2$ of curves and $p$-adic integration.

E. deShalit: Residues on Bruhat-Tits buildings and Cohomology of p-adic symmetric domains

D. Ginzburg: Periods of Automorphic Forms

G. Harder: Galois modules attached to Anderson motives

H. Hida: Adjoint Selmer groups and their p-adic L-functions

A. Iovita: p-adic Integration on families of abelian varieties.

S. Kudla: Intersection of cycles in Drinfeld space

A. Panchiskin: Lambda-adic Siegel modular forms and their applications

P. Schneider and J. Teitelbaum: p-adic Boundary Values Abstract

Freydoon Shahidi: Holomorphy of symmetric cube L-functions for GL(2) Abstract

Glenn Stevens: Overconvergent cohomology, p-adic L-functions, and p-adic monodromy

Ulrich Stuhler: Homological algebra and tempered representations

Eric Urban: Selmer groups, Eisenstein Ideals and p-adic L functions

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