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Library's tutorial

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Contact us: The librarians are available at the information desk
by phone (02-6584500)
by email (jmclib @
and through facebook הספרייה למתמטיקה ומדעי המחשב facebook.

Step 1 :    Search the HUfind library catalog for "Course info"    חיפוש בקטלוג

Didn't find the course or the recommended textbooks? Let us know!
Textbook doesn't have an online version? Let us know!

Step 2 :    Search the Shanton for the syllabus    חיפוש בשנתון

  1. Search for the course.    Tip: easiest by course number
  2. Click on Syllabus
  3. Check the parts marked Required Reading and Additional Reading Material.    Tip: compare both Hebrew and English syllabi.
  4. Search for the books in the HUfind library catalog
Step 3 :    Check the course information on Moodle2    חיפוש באתר הקורסים

Step 4 (if steps 1-3 failed) :    Contact us!    אם לא מצאתם: צרו קשר איתנו

We will contact the lecturer, and find out what they recommend.

You can also recommend a book: We will check if the book is also recommended by a faculty member, and purchase it (print or online)
More information: New Books and Acquisition - FAQ

Interested in what is recommended in other institutions? Try the Open Syllabus Explorer

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Last updated: Aug. 16th, 2017