Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

1997-98, Second semester

25 June 1998: Maxim Braverman "Morse-type inequalities for multi-valued functions"

18 June 1998: Mikhail Sodin "Almost periodic one dimensional Schrodinger operators and Fuchsian groups"

11 June 1998: Menachem Kojman "Degrees of non-convexity"

4 June 1998: Noga Alon "Capacities and Graph Powers"

28 May 1998: Jeff Kahn "Entropy Methods in Discrete Mathematics I"

21 May 1998: Ehud de Shalit "Cutting cheese and the cohomology of p-adic symmetric domains"

14 May 1998: Joram Lindenstrauss "Differentiability and exceptional sets in Banach spaces"

7 May 1998: Marina Ville "Minimal surfaces, pseudo-holomorphic curves and al."

23 April 1998: Benjamin Weiss "Amenable groups and their actions"

2 April 1998: Ruth Lawrence "Divergent series, Feynman integrals and knot theory"

26 March 1998: Yoav Segev "Are finite quotients of the multiplicative group of a division algebra solvable?"

1997-98, First semester

5 February 1998: Aner Shalev. "Is probability useful in real life (= group theory)?"

29 January 1998: David Preiss. "Lipschitz mappings: From differentiability questions to existence of Lipschitz solutions of PDE."

22 January 1998: Carolyn Gordon. "When you can't hear the shape of a manifold"

15 January 1998: Peter Sarnak (Landau lecture). "Zeros of zeta functions and applications to arithmetic I"

8 January 1998: Jim Cannon, "The complex dynamics of planar subdivision rules."

1 January 1998: Pierre Milman, "Resolution of Singularities - Tough or Easy?"

25 December 1997: Raz Kuferman. "Simulation of viscoelastic flow"

18 December 1997: R. Oliver (Zabrodsky lecture), "Elementary Approach to induction of Representations"

11 December 1997: Shmuel Weinberger, "Taming without Killing

4 December 1997: Alexander Brudnyi, "Local Inequalities for Plurisubharmonic Functions"

27 November 1997: Moshe Baruch, "Characters and Bessel functions in Representation Theory and Number Theory"

20 November 1997: Kerry Anne Landman, "Application of mathematics in Australia, a survey and case study"

13 November 1997: Jean Christoph Yoccoz, "Weakly hyperbolic dynamics"

6 November 1997: Amnon Besser, "p-adic integration and its applications"