Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursday, 25 December 1997, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Bldg., lecture hall 2

Dr. Raz Kupferman (Lawrence Berkeley Lab. and U. C. Berkeley)

"Simulation of viscoelastic flow"

Abstract: Viscoelastic fluids are complex fluids that possess memory. Their dynamics depends on the history of the flow. Such fluids are very common in biological systems (e.g., blood) and in industrial applications (e.g., plastics) and there is an urging need to understand their flow properties. The formidable complexity of their equations of motion prevents any analytical treatment therefore the need to develop numerical methods for simulating such flows. Despite over two decades of extensive efforts very little has been achieved so far. In this talk I will present an overview of the subject, and introduce a new methodology applicable for such problems. Results will be shown through a classical application where the fluid is confined between two cylinders and its motion is driven by their motion.

This exciting lecture will include a short video show.

Coffee, cookies, and company will be available at 3:45 pm in room 12 of the mathematics building.

As usual, we will meet with the speaker for an "after colloquium coffee chat" in Beit-Belgia, for yet more coffee and better pastry.

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