Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursday, 29 January 1998, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Bldg., lecture hall 2

Prof. David Preiss (University Colledge, London)

"Lipschitz mappings: From differentiability questions to existence of Lipschitz solutions of PDE"

I will present a selection of (open) problems concerning Lipschitz mappings in Euclidean spaces. The first group of these problems was motivated by the study of differentiability of Lipschitz functions in infinite dimensional spaces, but it was soon recognized that this is an area deserving investigation in its own merit. There appears to be an intimate connection between the questions of differentiability, contractions of sets onto balls, solvability of some partial differential equations, and some other strange phenomena that may possibly happen in the plane.

Coffee, Cookies, and Company will be provided in our newly renovated faculty lounge, at 3:45 pm.

You are also invited to the "after colloquium coffee chat" in Beit-Belgia.

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