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The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas


List of Publications supported by the Landau Center for research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

1 October 1996 -- 30 September 1997

  1. B. Rubin: Radon transform of Lp-functions of the Lobachevsky space and related wavelet transforms.

  2. B. Rubin: Spherical Radon transforms and related wavelet transforms.

  3. B. Rubin: Fractional integrals and wavelet transforms related to the Blaschke-Levy representation and the spherical Radon transform.

  4. B. Rubin: Inversion of fractional integrals related to the spherical Radon transform.

  5. H.M. Frakas and I. Kra: Ramanujan partition identities.

  6. B. Rubin: Determination of functions on the sphere from their integrals over hemispheres.

  7. H.M. Frakas and I. Kra: On the quintuple product identity.

  8. D. Ryabogin and B. Rubin: Singular integral operators generated by wavelet transform.

  9. S. Agmon: A Perturbation theory of resonances.

  10. B. Rubin: Lp-estimates of solutions to the singular Helmoholtz equation in the half-space.
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  11. M. Zippin: Quotient maps with structure preserving inverses.
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  12. M. Zippin: Application of Michael's continuous selection theorem to operator extension problems.
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  13. J. Mahnkopf: On the critical values of automorphic L-functions on GL3.

  14. J. Mahnkopf: Special values of L-functions of twisted automorphic representations.
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  15. Y. Kopeliovich: Differential forms on modular curves H/Γ(k).

  16. E.P. Klassen and Y. Kopeliovich: Hurwitz spaces and braid group representations.
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  17. L. Elsner, L. Han, I. Koltracht, M. Neumann and M. Zippin: On a polygon inequality problem by Bernious and Blanchard.
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  18. A. Koldobsky and Y. Lonke: A short proof of Schoenberg's conjecture on positive definite functions.
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