Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Bldg., lecture hall 2

2002-03, תשס"ג

17th October 2002: Sorin Solomon (Physics Dept/HU), "THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING DISCRETE: The emergence of adaptive collective objects from random noise"

24th October 2002: Gil Alon (HU), "p-adic Hyperplane Arrangements and Buildings of GL_n(Q_p)"

31st October 2002: Mikhail Katz (Bar Ilan), "New directions in geometric inequalities"

7th November 2002: Patrick Iglesias (Paris), "The origin of symplectic calculus in the work of Lagrange"

14th November 2002: David Kazhdan (HU), "Invariant distributions and the notion of stability for p-adic groups"

21st November 2002: Cancelled due to illness

28th November 2002: Cancelled due to Moshe Flato Lecture series in BGU

5th December 2002: Florian Deloup (Toulouse/HU), "Quadratic functions, spin structures and low-dimensional topology"

12th December 2002: Andrew Casson (Yale), ZABRODSKY LECTURE "Three-dimensional topology: computable or not?"

19th December 2002: Yakov Varshavsky (HU), "On the Langlands' correspondence over function fields"

26th December 2002: Alex Braverman (Harvard), "Uhlenbeck spaces and affine Lie algebras"

2nd January 2003: Elon Lindenstrauss (Stanford), "Arithmetic Quantum Unique Ergodicity and the Classification of Invariant Measures"

9th January 2003: Stephen Miller (Rutgers), "Summation Formulae: From Poisson and Voronoi to Automorphic Forms"

16th January 2003: Janos Pach (NYU), "Beyond Planarity"

19th January 2003: Shlomo Sternberg (Harvard), "The Euler Maclaurin summation formula"


13th February 2003: Fedor Pakovich (Independent University, Moscow), "On the polynomial moment problem"

20th February 2003: Boaz Tsaban (HU/Bar Ilan), "Infinite Combinatorial Topology"

27th February 2003: Postponed due to snowstorm

6th March 2003: Ran Raz (Weizmann), "Quantum Communication and Geometrical Properties of the Sphere S^n"

13th March 2003: Genadi Levin (Hebrew University), "Universality of unimodal maps with infinite criticality"

20th March 2003: Gady Kozma (Weizmann), "The scaling limit of loop-erased random walk - a naive approach"

27th March 2003: S. Mueller (Leipzig), LANDAU LECTURE --- POSTPONED to May 15th; the colloquium slot will be taken by the Basic Notions in Mathematics Seminar, given this week by Ehud de Shalit on "p-adic uniformization"

3rd April 2003: Matania Ben-Artzi (Hebrew University), "From Hamilton-Jacobi to Navier-Stokes (and back)"

10th April 2003: Michael Megrelishvili (Bar Ilan), "Banach representations of dynamical systems"

17th April 2003: Pesach פסח

24th April 2003: Pesach break

1st May 2003: Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton), ERDOS LECTURE "The Strong Perfect Graph Theorem"

8th May 2003: IMU Annual Meeting, Zikhron Yaakov

12th May 2003, 2.15pm: John Tate (Texas), WOLF PRIZE LECTURE "Jacobians of plane cubic curves"

12th May 2003, 4pm: S. Mueller (Leipzig), LANDAU LECTURE I "Geometric rigidity, curvature functionals and dimension reduction in nonlinear elasticity"

14th May 2003, 4pm: S. Mueller (Leipzig), LANDAU LECTURE II "Mathematical problems in micromagnetics -- a paradigm for multiscale problems"

15th May 2003, 4pm: S. Mueller (Leipzig), LANDAU LECTURE III "Convex integration, wild solutions of partial differential equations and crystalline microstructure"

15th May 2003, 7pm: Ehud de Shalit (HU), "Shitot Geometriot BeTorat Hamisparim"

22nd May 2003: Gus Lehrer (Australia), "Cellular algebras, diagram algebras and affine Hecke algebras"

29th May 2003: Itai Shafrir (Technion), "On a class of vector-valued singular perturbation problems" (Yom Yerushalyim)

5th June 2003: Erev Shavuot

12th June 2003: Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt), "Diagram groups of directed 2-complexes, spaces of positive paths, homology and homotopy"

Organiser: Ruth Lawrence,
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