Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Bldg., lecture hall 2

2001-02, á"ñùú

1st November 2001: Peter Scott (Jerusalem/Ann Arbor), "Canonical decompositions of groups and manifolds"

8th November 2001: Aner Shalev (Jerusalem), "Free products of groups and probabilistic methods"

15th November 2001: Vladimir Lin (Technion), "Holomorphic maps of Riemann sphere's configuration spaces"

22nd November 2001: Marcel Berger (IHES), "Geometry today: Five short novels"

29th November 2001: Laci Pyber (Budapest), "How Abelian is a group?"

6th December 2001: Alex Lubotzky (HU), "Counting congruence subgroups"

13th December 2001: Yaakov Friedman (JCT), "A new model for physics based on mathematics of symmetric domains"

20th December 2001: Semyon Alesker (Tel Aviv), "Representation theory in convex and integral geometry"

27th December 2001: Irwin Kra (SUNY SB), "Uniformizations and theta-constant identities"

3th January 2002: Jonathan Weitsman (UCSC), "The geometry of Hamiltonian Loop Group Spaces"

10th January 2002: Efim Zelmanov (Yale), "On infinite dimensional superalgebras"

17th January 2002: Boris Paneah (Technion), "Dynamical methods in analysis: Functional equations, integral geometry, boundary problems in PDE"

24th January 2002: Louis Kauffman (UIC), ZABRODSKY LECTURE: "Virtual Knot Theory"

31st January 2002: Joram Lindenstrauss (HU), "New null sets and Frechet differentiability of Lipschitz functions"

7th February 2002: Cancelled


12th March 2002: Josef Hofbauer (Vienna), "Unpredictability in population dynamics"

13th March 2002: Vaughan Jones (UCB), "Spin models"

14th March 2002: Madhu Sudan (MIT), ERDOS MEMORIAL LECTURE: "List decoding of Reed-Solomon codes"

28th March 2002: Pesach çñô

4th April 2002: Pesach break

11th April 2002: Avi Wigderson (HU/IAS), "Expander graphs --- where combinatorics and algebra compete and cooperate"

18th April 2002: Nati Linial (HU), "Finite metric spaces - The algorithmic aspect"

25th April 2002: Yakov Eliashberg (Stanford/IAS), LANDAU LECTURE: "Symplectic Topology and the Theory of Several Complex Variables"

2nd May 2002: Dan Abramovich (Boston University), "Curves, covers and moduli"

9th May 2002: Yom Yerushalyim

16th May 2002: Erev Shavuot

23rd May 2002: Ehud Friedgut (HU), "What Makes a Graph Ramsey? (plus a detour to hypergraph regularity)"

30th May 2002: Alfred Inselberg (San Diego/TAU), "Visualisation of Multidimensional Geometry and its Applications"

6th June 2002: Dennis Gaitsgory (Chicago), "On the geometric Langlands correspondence"

13th June 2002: Dror Bar-Natan (HU), "Khovanov's Categorification of the Jones Polynomial"

20th June 2002: Raz Kupferman (HU), "Model reduction and stochastic modelling"

27th June 2002: David Lehavi (HU), "Any smooth plane quartic can be reconstructed from its bitangents"

Organiser: Ruth Lawrence,
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