List of Publications:

  • Communication in Repeated Games with Costly Monitoring
    with Michael Kahneman
    Games and Economic Behavior 44, 2003, 227-250.
    [Abstract] [Paper]

  • Cheap Talk in Games with Incomplete Information
    Journal of Economic Theory 108, 2003, 45-71
    [Abstract] [Paper]

  • Correlation Without Mediation: Expanding the Set of Equilibria Outcomes by ‘Cheap’ Pre-Play Procedures
    Journal of Economic Theory 80, 1998, 108-122

  • On the Measurement of Inequality under Uncertainty
    with Itzhak Gilboa and David Schmeidler
    Journal of Economic Theory 75, 1997, 194-204

  • Rationality, Nash Equilibrium and Backward Induction in Perfect Information Games
    Review of Economic Studies 64, 1997, 23-46

  • Communication in Repeated Games with Partial Monitoring
    with M. Kahneman
    Journal of Economic Theory 70, 1996, 281-297

  • Linear Measures, the Gini Index and the Income-Equality Tradeoff
    with I. Gilboa
    Journal of Economic Theory 64, 1994, 443-467

  • On the Relationship Between Mutation Rates and Growth Rates in a Changing Environment
    with with E. Dekel and A. Rustichinni
    Games and Economic Behavior 5, 1993, 576-603

  • Repeated Games with Finite Automata
    Journal of Economic Theory 59, 1993, 17-32

  • Signaling Future Actions and the Potential for Sacrifice
    with E. Dekel
    Journal of Economic Theory 57, 1992, 36-51

  • The Complexity of Computing a Best Response Automaton in Repeated Games with Mixed Strategies
    Games and Economic Behavior 2 (1), March 1990, 1-12





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