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The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas


List of Publications supported by the Landau Center for research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

1 October 1995 -- 30 September 1996

  1. S.R. Foguel: Makov Operators.

  2. L. Karmer: Holomorphic polygons.

  3. L. Karmer, K. Tent: Algebraic polygons.

  4. B.I. Plotkin: Algebraic logic, varieties of algebras and algebraic varieties.

  5. B.I. Plotkin: Algebra, categories and databases.

  6. L. Karmer, K. Tent, H.V. Maldeghem: Simple groups for finite Morley rank and Tits-buildings.

  7. B. Rubin, D. Ryabogin and E. Shamir: Wavelet type representions in fractional calculus.

  8. Y. Shalom: Invariant measures for algebraic actions, Zariski dense subgroups and Kazhdan's property T.

  9. H.M. Farkas: A variation on a theorem of Euler.

  10. S. Agmon: A perturbation theory of resonances.

  11. B. Rubin: The Calderon reproducing formula, windowed X-ray transforms and Radon transforms in Lp-spaces.

  12. B. Rubin: Wavelet type representations of Riesz fractional derivatives.

  13. B. Rubin: Inversion and characterization of Radon transforms via continuous wavelet transforms.

  14. B. Rubin: Inversion pf k-plane transforms via continuous wavelet transforms.

  15. E.Z. Goren: A note on vanishing properties of certain theta constants of genus two.
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  16. J. Rogawsky: On twists of cuspidal representations of GL(2).

  17. E.Z. Goren: On certain reduction problems concerning Abelian surfaces. Manuscripta Math. 94 (1997), 33--43.

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