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The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas


List of Publications supported by the Landau Center for research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

1 October 1994 -- 30 September 1995

  1. A. Lubotzky: Cayley graphs: Eigenvalues, expanders and random walks.

  2. B. Rubin: Wavelet type representations in fractional calculus and reproducing formulas.

  3. H.M. Farkas, Y. Kopeliovich and I. Kra: Uniformizations of modular curves.

  4. A. Tiemeyer: A local-global priciple for finiteness properties of S-arithmetic groups over number fields.

  5. A. Lubotzky: Eigenvalues of the Laplacian, the first Betti number and the congruence subgroup problem.

  6. Y. Ben Natan: Primary closed ideals at infinity of L1(G//K).

  7. J. Falcovitz, G. Alfandary and G. Hanoch: A two-dimensional conservation laws scheme for compressible flows with moving boundaries.

  8. Z. Shami: Cardinality quantifiers and the two cadinals problem.

  9. R. Gorenflo, T. Madvedeva, B. Rubin: Locally controllable regularization of Abel integral equations via operator compulementation.

  10. Y. Kopeliovich and R. Brooks: Reflections on uniformisation of modular curves.

  11. S. Agmon: On perturbation of embedded Eigenvalues.

  12. S. Kaniel: Existence in the large of one dimensional isentropic conpressible flow.

  13. H.M. Farkas and I. Kra: Automorphic forms for subgroups of the modular group.
    II. Groups containing congruence subgroups.

  14. D. Arnon: Generalized Dickson invariants.

  15. A. Lubotzky and Th. Weigel: Lattices of minimal covolume in SL2 over local fields.

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