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The Edmund Landau Minerva Center for Research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas


List of Publications supported by the Landau Center for research in Mathematical Analysis and Related Areas

1 October 1993 -- 30 September 1994

  1. Adam D. McBride and B. Rubin: Spaces Fp,μ of Schwartz type and multidimensional fractional integrals.

  2. A. Lubotzky: Tree-latices and latices in Lie groups.

  3. B. Rubin and E. Shamir: Calderon's reproducing formula and singular integral on the real line.

  4. Sh. Agmon: Topics in spectral theory of Schrödinger operators on non-compact Riemannian manifolds with cusps.

  5. G. Levin: Adjoint equation and evaluation of dynamical Zeta-function for holomorphic maps.

  6. I. Benjamini: Percolation on hyperbolic graphs.

  7. Y. Kopelovich: Multi-dimensional Theta constant indentities.

  8. Y. Kifer: Limit theorems in averaging for dynamical systems.

  9. A. Dor: A domain in Cm not containing any proper image of the unit disc.

  10. A. Dor: Immersions and embeddings in domains of holomorphy.

  11. M. Ville: The contributions of branch points to the twistor degree of minimal surfaces in compact Riemannian 4-manifolds.

  12. B. Kashin and L. Tzafriri: Some remarks on the restriction of operators to coordinate subspaces.

  13. T. Medvedeva and B. Rubin: Stable algorithms for approximate solution of Abel integral equations.

  14. B. Rubin: Continuous wavelet transform on a sphere.

  15. B. Rubin: On Calderon's reproducing formula.

  16. A. Eskin, S. Mozes, N. Shah: Unipotent flows and counting lattice points on homogeneous varieties.

  17. S. Shelah: Every null-additive set is meager-additive.

  18. U. Abraham and S. Shelah: Martin's axiom and Δ2/1 well-ordering of the reals.

  19. J. Brendle and S. Shelah: Evasion and prediction II.

  20. S. Fuchino, S. Shelah and I. Soukup: On a theorem of Shapiro.

  21. M. Goldstern and S. Shelah: The bounded proper forcing axiom.

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