Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

Thursdays, 4:00 pm
Mathematics Bldg., lecture hall 2

2003-04, תשס"ד

30th October 2003: Aner Shalev (HU), "Fuchsian groups, simple groups, random walks and character theory"

6th November 2003: Evgenii Shustin (TAU), " Tropical and classical algebraic geometry"

13th November 2003: Enrico Arbarello (Rome), ZABRODSKY LECTURE, "Riemann Surfaces and Their Moduli"

20th November 2003: Amnon Besser (BGU), "Double shuffle relations for p-adic multiple zeta values"

27th November 2003: Imre Barany (Budapest and London), ERDOS LECTURE, "The minimum area convex lattice n-gon"

4th December 2003: Mikhail Belolipetsky (HU), "On volumes of arithmetic quotients of SO(1,n)"

11th December 2003: Vitali Milman (TAU), " Phenomena Arising from High Dimensionality"

18th December 2003: Shmuel Friedland (UIC) , "Multi-dimensional entropy and the monomer-dimer problem"

25th December 2003: Alexander Goncharov (Brown/MPI) , "Positivity and higher Teichmuller theory"

1st January 2004: Avishai Dekel (Physics, HU), "DARK MATTER, DARK ENERGY, AND THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE"

8th January 2004: Alexander Nabutovsky (Penn State and Toronto), "The length of the shortest closed geodesic and related problems"

15th, 18th and 19th January 2004: Jeff Cheeger (Courant), LANDAU LECTURES, "THE SMALL SCALE STRUCTURES OF RIEMANNIAN MANIFOLDS"

22th January 2004: Ilya Rips (HU), " Algebraic, Diophantine and transcedental geometry over free groups according to Zlil Sela"

29th January 2004: Leonid Polterovich (TAU), "Symplectic maps: algebra, geometry, dynamics"


4th March 2004: Yosef Yomdin (Weizmann), "Closed trajectories of plane systems of ODE's, Moments, Compositions, Iterated Integrals, and Algebraic Geometry"

11th March 2004: Hillel Furstenberg (HU), "The Dynamics of {(3/2)^n mod 1}"

18th March 2004: Alex Lubotzky (HU), "Subgroup growth of lattices in semisimple Lie groups"

25th March 2004: Nati Linial (HU), "A new simple approach to Ramanujan Graphs"

1st April 2004: PASSOVER BREAK

8th April 2004: PASSOVER BREAK

15th April 2004: PASSOVER BREAK

22nd April 2004: Bernhard Kroetz (Oregon), "Lagrangian submanifolds and moment convexity"

29th April 2004: Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft), "What is an Algorithm?"

6th May 2004: IMU MEETING

13th May 2004: Michah Sageev (Technion), "Non-positively curved cubical complexes in group theory"

20th May 2004: Janos Pach (NYU), ERDOS LECTURE "Forbidden patterns and distances"

27th May 2004: Michael Larsen (Indiana), "Infinitely ramified Galois representations"

3th June 2004: Sergei Novikov (Maryland and Moscow), "Discrete Connections and Discrete Complex Analysis"

10th June 2004: Alex Usvyatsov (HU), "Continuous model theory"

17th June 2004: Ezra Getzler (Northwestern), "Lie theory for differential graded Lie algebras (A higher-dimensional Campbell-Hausdorff formula)"

Organiser: Yakov Varshavsky,
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