Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium

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Thursday, 16th November 2000
Mathematics Bldg., lecture hall 2

The Jerusalem Mathematics Colloquium is happy to host the Levitzki Prize Ceremony and Lecture. The ceremony will commence at 3:30 pm, consisting of words about the late Professor Yakov Levitzki, given by the Chair of the Institute of Mathematics, and followed by the awarding of the prize by the Levitzki family.

The prize recipient will deliver the Levitzki Prize Lecture at 4pm.

Dr. Shlomo Gelaki

"New results in the theory of Hopf algebras"

Light refreshments will be available.

The Levitzki Prize was instituted by Professor Alex Levitzki in memory of his parents Jacob and Charlotte. Professor Jacob Levitzki z"l was one of the founders of the Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University, and the prize is to be awarded biannually to a recent Israeli Ph.D. who has written a thesis in algebra or related areas. The first Levitzki prize was awarded to Dr Yakov Varshavsky of the Hebrew University. Dr Gelaki is the second receipient. The citation for the award of the prize reads:

Dr Gelaki has made new inroads in the field of Hopf Algebras, both by solving old outstanding open problems, and by introducing new ideas and concepts. His work is changing significantly the appearance of the subject.

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