Travel and Accommodation Information


Most conference participants will be staying at the Jerusalem Gardens hotel. The address is 4 Zeev Vilnai St., Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem 96100.

The Ben Gurion (aka TEL AVIV) International Airport is located roughly 50km (40 minutes drive on a clear road) from Jerusalem.
The two main ways of getting from the airport to Jerusalem are:
1) Taxi. Finding one should be easy as soon as you step out of the terminal building (at the arrival level). The price should be roughly 270 NIS (about 70 USD, the rates are a little higher between 21:00 and 6:00). We strongly recommend to ask the driver for the price BEFORE getting on the Taxi.
2) A door-to-door shuttle service called NESHER. Their service is a bit spartan (they usually insist on filling the shuttle and sitting is a bit crowded), but effective. The price should be about 70 NIS (roughly 20 USD). They are located near the Taxis (just step out of the terminal building at the arrival level and look for a sign or ask around). Make sure you located the shuttles going to Jerusalem (there are also shuttles going to other areas).

All talks will take place at lecture hall 2 of the math institute. The Hebrew University campus is about 850 meters (so about 12 minutes by foot) from the hotel. The mathematics institute is about another 5--10 minutes from the main gate. A map of the route from the hotel to the main entrance of the university campus is here , (Leonardo Inn is the former name of the Jerusalem Gardens hotel). A map of the campus with the location of the math institute clearly marked can be found Here.