Computer projects: (Suitable for Ma'abada leteoria)

  • Mailing address: Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel
  • Telephone numbers: Office (972)2-6584729, Home (972)2-6536301, Fax (972)2-5630702.
  • Email addresses: kalai at, my home page

    1. Percolation and other models (free: several projects available): We will try to simulate various models of statistical physics like percolation and determine various quantities like noise sensitivity.

    2. Laplacian and matrix tree formulas for high incidence operators for graphs (related to graph rigidity) . (free)

    3. Radon and Tverberg points of configurations of points (Taken):

    4. Face numbers of quasi simplicial poytopes and flag numbers of general polytopes (Taken)

    5. Algebraic shifting and face-rings. (free) Given a family of k-subsets of {1,2,...,n} we will construct the shifted family (exterior and symmetric).

    6. Others.