Hebrew Culmus Fonts for MikTeX
Writing Hebrew in LaTeX on Windows

An installation package of Hebrew Culmus fonts for MikTeX. Allows typesetting Hebrew LaTeX documents using MikTeX on Windows (XP, Vista, 7) systems.
Current version: 0.2.2 (14/10/2014)

NOTICE: If you have installed the Culmus package prior to 14/10/2014, your package will likely become broken after installing recent babel updates for MikTeX. The main symptom for this is an error mentioning the jerus10 font. If this happens, simply download and install the current package over the existing one.
New in version 0.2.2:
Fixed compatibility with new babel-hebrew package.


The package is intended for use with MikTeX version 2.6–2.9.
Users of earlier versions should install MikTeX 2.9. MikTeX should be installed for "anyone who uses this computer" (which is the default).

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The main components and features of the package include:

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Created by Iddo Samet, October 3, 2008. Last updated October 14, 2014.