Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Informal workshop on manifold invariants and TQFT

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Friday, 18th May 2001, 9am-4pm
Mathematics Bldg., lecture room 110

08:30 Coffee and refreshments

09:00 Florian Deloup (Toulouse) "Spin^c borromean surgeries and abelian quantum invariants"
10:00 Nathan Habegger (Nantes) TBA
11:00 Thang Le (SUNY, Buffalo) "On abelian homotopy quantum field theory"

12:00 Light lunch

13:00 Misha Polyak (Tel Aviv) "Milnor's mu-invariants and rooted trees"
14:00 Dylan Thurston (Harvard) "Gluing the LMO invariant along torus boundaries"
15:00 Dror Bar-Natan/Ruth Lawrence (Hebrew University) TBA

The workshop is intended to be an informal exchange of ideas on the general area between of 3-manifold invariants, quantum invariants, finite type invariants and topological quantum field theories. Graduate students are most welcome to attend. Please contact Ruth Lawrence ruthel@math.huji.ac.il or Dror Bar-Natan drorbn@math.huji.ac.il for further information.