Fluorescent transfer of light in dyed materials

S.D. Howison and R.J. Lawrence

Abstract: A brief review is given for some mathematical aspects of human colour perception and of a standard method for computing the colour of a dyed material. This paper describes an extension of this method to incorporate fluorescent transfer of light between wavelengths and gives an algorithm for the analysis of the discrete case in which this transfer occurs at a finite number of wavelengths. Then, a continuum model is formulated in which transfer may occur from any wavelength to any longer wavelength, and this leads to the question of determining the coefficients in an integrodifferential equation from knowledge of its solutions; it is solved by an algorithm derived from that in the discrete case.

Keywords: Flourescence, radiative transfer, color matching, Kubelka-Munk

AMS subject classification: 34A55, 78A99

Length: 12 pages

Reference: SIAM J. Appl. Math. 53 (1993) 447-458. MR1212759 (93k:92013)

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