A universal link invariant

R.J. Lawrence

Abstract: A construction is given for a link invariant which takes values in a tensor power of a certain quotient of a quantum group.

Keywords: Knot theory, quantum group, braid group, Hecke algebra, Yang-Baxter equation.

AMS subject classification: 57M25, 16W30, 17B37, 20F36

Length: 6 pages

Reference: `Proceedings of the IMA conference on Mathematics-Particle Physics Interface, Oxford, England, 12th-14th September, 1988.' Eds. D.G.~Quillen, G.B.~Segal, Tsou~S.T., Inst. Math. Appl. Conf. Ser. New Ser. 24, Oxford University Press (1990) 151--156. MR1103138 (92e:57013) (review by Louis H. Kauffman .)

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