An explicit symmetric DGLA model of a bi-gon

Nir Gadish, Itay Griniasty and Ruth Lawrence

Abstract: We write explicit formulae for a DGLA model of the bi-gon which is symmetric under the geometric symmetries of the cell. This follows the works of Lawrence-Sullivan on the (unique) DGLA model of the interval and its construction uses deeper knowledge of the structure of such models and their localisations for non-simply connected spaces.

Keywords: knot theory, manifold invariants, perturbative expansions, modular forms, TQFT

AMS subject classification: 17B55 17B01 55U15

Length: 11 pages

Reference: Proceedings of Knots in Hellas 2016, J. Knot Th. Ramif. accepted, to appear

You can download this paper from arXiv:math1705.08483 or from here.

Last updated April 15th, 2018.