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Robert Aumann


Working Papers

Center for the Study of Rationality,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Discussion Papers Series

"Findings of the Committee to Investigate the Gans-Inbal Results on Equidistant Letter Sequences in Genesis," with H. Furstenberg (June 2004, no. 364).
Abstract Paper

"Analyses of the 'Gans' Committee Report," with H. Furstenberg, I. Lapides, and D. Witztum (July 2004, no. 365).
Abstract Paper

"Conditioning and the Sure-Thing Principle," with S. Hart and M. Perry (June 2005, no. 393).
Abstract Paper

"Rule-Rationality versus Act-Rationality," (December 2008, no. 497).

Abstract Paper

"Game Engineering," (September 2009, no. 518).
Abstract Paper

"The Role of Incentives in the World Financial Crisis," (February 2010, no. 536).

Abstract Paper

"The logic of backward induction," With I. Arieli (November 2013, no. 652)

Abstract Paper

Research Center on Jewish Law and Economics,
Department of Economics, Bar Ilan University,
Research Bulletin Series on Jewish Law and Economics

"Game Theory in the Talmud" (June 2002, no. 4.02).