Moment maps, Cobordisms, and Hamiltonian Group Actions

V. L. Ginzburg, V. Guillemin, and Y. Karshon.

Published by the American Mathematical Society

Postscript version:

Title; Table of contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part 1: Cobordism
Chapter 2: Hamiltonian cobordism
Chapter 3: Abstract moment maps
Chapter 4: The linearization theorem
Chapter 5: Reduction and applications
Part 2: Quantization
Chapter 6: Geometric quantization
Chapter 7: The quantum version of the linearization theorem
Chapter 8: Quantization commutes with reduction
Part 3: Appendices
Appendix A: Signs and normalization conventions
Appendix B: Proper actions of Lie groups
Appendix C: Equivariant cohomology
Appendix D: Stable complex and Spinc structures
Appendix E: Assignments and abstract moment maps
Appendix F: Assignment cohomology
Appendix G: Non-degenerate abstract moment maps
Appendix H: Characteristic numbers, non-degenerate cobordisms, and non-virtual quantization
Appendix I: The Kawasaki Riemann-Roch formula
Appendix J: Cobordism invariance of the index of a transversally elliptic operator, by Maxim Braverman

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