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Instructions to Authors

Submission of articles

Papers submitted to the Israel Journal of Mathematics should be sent to, addressed to:

Eran London
Managing Editor
Israel Journal of Mathematics
Einstein Institute of Mathematics
Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, 91904, Israel

Initially, authors should send a pdf file of the manuscript, accompanied by a cover letter that includes the full mailing address (not just the email address) and the title of the paper. An abstract is to be provided, preferably no longer than 150 words. All submissions will be acknowledged.

Once a paper is accepted for publication, the authors will be requested to send a tex / latex file of the manuscript. If the author cannot supply such a file, the paper will be retyped by the journal.

Desirable structure of TeX file of accepted papers

  1. Papers should ideally be prepared using the Israel Journal format style which can be downloaded here. The site includes a sample file and a guide.
  2. The authors should provide a short title containing at most 40 characters (including spaces).
  3. The AMS subject classifications and keywords are ignored.
  4. Figures should be generated using vector graphics (or if bitmap graphics are used, highest possible resolution should be used). Preferably eps or ps format should be used. Figures submitted as pdf (jpg, gif, etc.) are changed to eps. This can cause a quality loss.
  5. Authors should not use commands that change text height and width or margins.
  6. Authors should avoid wide tables. The journal's dimensions are relatively small and so wide tables do not fit.


By submitting a manuscript, an author acknowledges that it is not being considered, nor will be submitted elsewhere, and agrees that the sole copyright is transferred to the publisher. This transferal is revoked if and when the publisher decides not to publish the manuscript. The publisher's copyright covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article by any means intended or effectively used to make it available for inspection, reading, or consultation, including, but not limited to, printing, reprinting, photocopying and electronic means. The publisher grants the author the right to distribute a small number of preprints and reprints, to have a preprint available on the Internet and to include the published article in the author's own homepage and in a collection of the author's articles.