Elon Lindenstrauss

My main areas of research are ergodic theory, dynamical systems, and their applications to number theory.

For a downloadable list of my publications, click here.

Contact Information:
Office: Manchester (Einstein) building, room 103
Email: elon "at" math "dot" huji "dot" ac "dot" il
There is a phone in my office (+972-2-658-6834), but that is a really inefficient way to try to reach me. Email is much better.

Statement regarding reference letters:
On 1.9.2018 I have completed two intensive years as a chair of my department. For the next two years (i.e. 2018--2020), I am trying to cut down drastically on the amount of time I spend on administration. Unfortunately this means I will not be able to assist as much as I would like regarding requests for reference letters, and in cases where I believe I do not have specialized insight I will decline to write letters, even for superb candidates. This does not apply to postdocs and students I supervised.