We study continuous time Glauber dynamics for random configurations with local constraints (e.g. proper coloring, Ising and Potts models) on finite graphs with $n$ vertices and of bounded degree. We show that the relaxation time (defined as the reciprocal of the spectral gap $|\lambda_1-\lambda_2|$) for the dynamics on trees and on planar hyperbolic graphs, is polynomial in $n$. For these hyperbolic graphs, this yields a general polynomial sampling algorithm for random configurations. We then show that if the relaxation time $\tau_2$ satisfies $\tau_2=O(1)$, then the correlation coefficient, and the mutual information, between any local function (which depends only on the configuration in a fixed window) and the boundary conditions, decays exponentially in the distance between the window and the boundary. For the Ising model on a regular tree, this condition is sharp.