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Post-docs and Visiting Professors

Postdoctoral positions

Name Tel.: 02-65... e-mail @ Bldg. Rm. Host
Visiting Professors and Researchers
Prof. Yuval Flicker 84095
Manchester House 316 Kazhdan
Dr. Daniel Herden 86087
Manchester House 312 Shelah
Dr. Wang Zhenqi


Dr. Karim Adiprasito

Ross 82 Kalai
Dr. Andrea Appel

Ross 74 Kazhdan
Dr. Chun-Yin Hui 86838
Manchester House 318 Shalev
Dr. Nicolas de Saxcé 86871 saxce @ Manchester House 301 Lindenstrauss
Dr. Uriya First
ufirst @ Ross 74 Lubotzky
Dr. Laura Fontanella

Dr. Adam Gamzon 86838
Manchester House 318 de Shalit
Dr. Artyom Jelnov

Rationality 229 Neyman
Dr. Moshe Kamensky 86838 kamensky @ Manchester House 318 Hrushovski
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar

Dr. Etienne Le Masson

Ross 82 Lindenstrauss
Dr. Jianrong Li
jianrong @ Ross 82 Kazhdan
Dr. Justin Malestein

Ross 74 Lubotzky
Dr. Sergei Malev 84094
Manchester House 315 Shalev
Dr. Manish Mishra 86838
Manchester House 318 Kazhdan
Dr. Gonzalo Fiz Pontiveros

Dr. Christine Robinson 84094
Manchester House 315 Kazhdan
Dr. Tuomas Sahlsten

Ross 82 Hochman
Dr. Yilun Shang

Manchester House 308 Kalai
Dr. Egor Shelukin 85127
Manchester House 314 Solomon
Dr. Dimitry Sustretov 84094
Manchester House 315 Hrushovski
Dr. Dmitry Trushin 86838
Manchester House 318 Temkin, Kazhdan
Dr. Jeanine Van Order 86838
Manchester House 319 Kazhdan

Fellowships: The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust

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