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Post-docs and Visiting Professors

Name Tel.: 02-65... e-mail @ Bldg. Rm. Host
Visiting Professors and Researchers
Prof. Franck Assous 85127 assous Manchester House 314 Ben-Artzi
Prof. J. Dodziuk 84378
Manchester House 1 Lubotzky
Prof. Y. Flicker

Prof. J.-F. Mertens

Dr. D. Garber

Prof. Jonathan Seldin 84140 jonathan.seldin @ Manchester House 101 Magidor
Prof. Shmuel Weinberger
shmuel  @

Dr. Thomas Dunlap 84103
Manchester House 319 Kazhdan
Dr. Noa Edelstein 84103 noa.eidelstein @ Manchester House 319 Lubotzky
Dr. Talia Fernos 84575 fernos Manchester House 308 Mozes/Gelander
Dr. Lucas Fresse 86838 lucas.fresse @ Manchester House 318 Kazhdan
Dr. Matthias Keller 84103 m.keller @ Manchester House 319 Breuer
Dr. Mark Kozdoba 86838 mark.kozdoba @ Manchester House 318 Kalai
Dr. Rebecca Lehman 86838 rebecca.lehman @ Manchester House 318 Solomon
Dr. A. Luzgarev 86838
Manchester House 318 Shalev
Dr. Lior Rosenzweig 84103 rosenzwe Manchester House 319 Lubotzky
Dr. Miguel Tierz-Parra 84103 tierz Manchester House 319 Strahov

Zhu Huiling

Fellowships: The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust

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