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Post-docs and Visiting Professors

Name Tel.: 02-65... email at Bldg. Rm. Host
Visiting Professors and Researchers
Prof. Eyal Goren 84121 eyalg Manchester House 208 De-Shalit
Prof. Andrzej Roslanowski 86087 roslanow Manchester House 302 Shelah

Dr. Boris Begun 84103 begun Manchester House 319 Weiss
Dr. Alexei Belov 86816 kanel Manchester House 304 Mann
Dr. Guy Cohen 84103 gc Manchester House 319 Weiss
Dr. Arsen Elkin 84123 arsen Manchester House 314 Kazhdan
Dr. Sharon Hollander 84145 sjh Manchester House 312 Farjoun
Dr. Haggai Katriel 84187 katriel Manchester House 309 Ben-Artzi
Dr. Uri Onn 84103 urion Manchester House 319 Varshavsky
Dr. Pirita Paajanen 84187 paajanen Manchester House 309 Shalev
Dr. Andrew Sinton 84187 sinton Manchester House 309 Lapid
Dr. Henry Wilton 84187 hjrw Manchester House 309 Sela

Fellowships: The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust

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