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Post-docs and Visiting Professors

Name Tel.: 02-65... email at Bldg. Rm.
Visiting Professors and Researchers
Prof. Florian Deloup 84187 deloup Manchester House 309
Prof. Yuval Flicker 84351 flicker Manchester House 102
Prof. Vitali Liskevich
vitalil Shprinzak 105
Dr. Tahsin A. Mugrabi 84575 tahsin Shprinzak 208

Dr. Meirav Amram-Blei 84123 ameirav Manchester House 314
Dr. Eli Bagno 84846 bagnoe Shprinzak 207
Dr. Mikhail Belolipetsky 86841 mbel Manchester House 301
Dr. Belov

Dr. Matieu Dutour 84103 dutour Manchester House 319
Dr. David Garber 84846 garber Shprinzak 207
Dr. Haggai Katriel 84575 katriel Shprinzak 208
Dr. Alf Onshuus 86841 onshuus Manchester House 301
Dr. Elena Ournycheva 84846 ournyce Shprinzak 207
Dr. Yossi Strauss 84123 ystrauss Manchester House 314
Dr. Boaz Tsaban 86816 tsaban Manchester House 304
Dr. Frank Valletin 84103 vallenti at Manchester House 319
Dr. Jessica Young

Fellowships: The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust

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