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The Einstein Institute of Mathematics (1928-1948)

Philip Wattenburg Building, Mount Scopus

Mr. Benjamin Chaikin, a Jerusalem-based architect, planned the building to house the institute, with Sir Frank Charles Mears.
Mears also designed the decorative stone pattern for the main entrance and windows. The pattern above the inscription represents the Pythagorean theorem.
The building was completed in October 1928. The interiour contained two lecture halls, a library and a lecturer's office.

The Institute's inauguration ceremony was held on Oct. 31st, 1928.
The building housed the Einstein Institute of Mathematics, until the war of independence (1948).

The building was erected in 1927-1928 with a gift from Philip Wattenburg of New York. It housed the Einstein Institute of Mathematics until the Hebrew University lost access to Mount Scopus in 1948. After the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, and the university's subsequent return to Mount Scopus, this building became part of the Estelle & Eugene Ferkauf Science Teaching Centre. In 1982 all science teaching was centralized on the Giv'at-Ram campus. This building was then remodelled with the aid of a gift from the estate of Ceil & Joseph Mazer to house part of the Institute of Contemporary Jewry.
--from a plaque at the entrance of the building.

Additional readings: The planning and building of the Hebrew University, 1919-1948 : Facing the Temple Mount, pages 67-69  /  Diana Dolev 2016.

The building is currently used by the Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry. The inscription and the relief above the entrance are still there.

1950-1957    The institute moved to the north annex of the King David Hotel.

1958/9-    The Manchester House was built for the institute.

The Hebrew University. Class in mathematics. Einstein Institute, 1932?  /  Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Around 1945 ?

Photographed by: Harris

Photographed by: Alfred Bernheim

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