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Annual Lecture Series in Topology and Geometry
in memory of
Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky

The Institute of Mathematics invites you to this year's Annual Lecture Series in Topology and Geometry in memory of Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky:

Noncommutative geometry in applied math

Prof. Andrei Okounkov (Princeton)

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 2009 at 4:00 pm in Mathematics Building , Lecture Hall 2
A gathering in memory of Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky will precede the lecture at 15:30.

Abstract: I will explain how some basic algebraic ideas help us study linear difference equations of probabilistic interest.

Alexander Zabrodsky / The Mathematics Genealogy Project

The continuation of the Zabrodsky lecture of A.Okounkov will be on Monday and Tuesday [rm 209].

The general outline of the problem and the argument was given in the first talk.

In the remaining talks Professor Okounkov will discuss the following topics:

  1. the classical Kasteleyn theory of dimers and how it applies to stepped surfaces
  2. why discrete holomorphic functions in polygonal domains satisfy additional difference equations
  3. how does the additional equation depends on the domain, this is really the theory of noncommutative shifts on the Jacobian, or discrete Painleve equations
  4. how to take the continuous limit in part (3)
  5. what does this has to do with things like mirror symmetry and other advanced topics for the next year's program

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