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HUJI The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Einstein Institute of Mathematics

Minerva School on P-adic Methods in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

March 29 - April 7, 2009

How to reach us
Getting from the airport to Jerusalem
getting to the Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat-Ram
and the Einstein Institute of Mathematics

Map of the Campus

Practical Information for the Participants of the Minerva School
"p-adic methods in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry"

Program and list of participants: can be found on the school home-page.
The lectures will start on Monday, 30/3 at 9 am. Registration will take place at 8:30 am. There will be somebody to meet you at Park Hotel on Sunday afternoon, so if you arrive early, you can register there.

All lectures will be held in Lecture Hall 2 on the second floor of the Manchester building (housing the Einstein Institute of Mathematics). As you enter the Giv'at-Ram campus of the Hebrew University through the main gate, walk straight ahead, to the left of the fountain, along the Magnes Boulevard.
A map is here: How to reach us

Participants will be staying at the Park Hotel, 10 minutes walk from the campus. Unless you were informed otherwise, you will be sharing a room. Those wishing a room of their own, please contact the school secretary immediately, if you haven't done so yet. You will be charged an additional 180 NIS (about $ 45) per night. Breakfast is included.

All the speakers (except those notified to the contrary) will be staying at Beit Belgia, the faculty house on the Giv'at-Ram Campus.

Weather is supposed to be nice. Rain is still possible, but it will not be cold.

Upon arriving at Ben-Gurion airport, take the Nesher limousine service to Jerusalem. Their 10-passanger vans stand to the right as you exit the terminal building. Make sure you take Nesher to Jerusalem and not a van going to another destination. They wait until they fill up, so you may have to wait a little, but they operate 24 hours, bring you to the hotel where you are staying, and cost only 50 NIS (around $12-13). You can also take a taxi (more expensive) or a bus (least expensive, but goes to the central bus station and does not operate late at night).

Financial support
Most of you have been promised some support. If your hotel is being paid by the organizers, you will not be charged at the hotel (except for telephone and drinks as usual). If your airfare is covered, you are asked to bring a copy of your ticket and passport to the school secretary. You will be reimbursed after the meeting. The easiest way for the Hebrew University to reimburse you is to wire the money to your bank account. Please have ready, in addition to your account number, the routing number of your branch (a multi-digit number, sometimes called IBAN), and the bank full name, address and telephone number.

On the days of the school, participants will receive coupons for lunch at the restaurant in the faculty club.

Social program
On the 31/3 at 7 pm there will be a modest reception at Beit Belgia.

The afternoon of Wednesday, 1/4 is free for sightseeing or shopping.

On the same day at 8 pm there is a narrated concert (in English) by the Carmel quartet in the Mishkenot Sha'ananim music center, overlooking the old city. If you like music (the program consists of Schubert and Britten), and want us to book a ticket for you, please write to the school secretary within the next two weeks. Tickets cost 60-70 NIS. The place is small and the number of seats available may be limited.
Click here to read more about the Carmel quartet and about the concert.

On Saturday the 4/4 we shall organize (for those interested), a full day excursion (8 am - 7 pm), to Masada, Ein-Gedi and the Dead Sea.
The bus and the guide are paid by the school.

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